SCRIP: Earn money for Spectrum and money for you!

What is Scrip? Scrip is a program of purchasing gift cards online to places you already shop--paying face value and receiving  face value. There is NO COST to those who buy and use the gift cards!

So, how is the money earned? Spectrum purchases the cards at a discount and keeps the margin--1.5% to 15%, with an average of about 5%,which adds up quickly when people change their paying habits (not buying habits)--and that's the challenge--to get in the habit of buying cards ahead of time AND using these to pay at the stores we already shop:   Target, Walmart, Holiday, SuperAmerica, Home Depot, Menards, Marcus Theatre, Applebee's, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Panera, Kohl's, JCP, Dick's, GNC, etc., etc.,etc. There are hundreds of places!

If a family of 4 uses Scrip to pay for approximately $1,000 a month on groceries, gas, clothing, dining out, entertainment, household goods, etc. it would equate to $50 in Scrip earnings PER MONTH, or $600 a year!! If 100 Spectrum families did this each month, that’s $60,000 a year - $30,000 for the school and $30,000 in our families accounts!!

Just think what a hundred or more families could do.Incredible.

Where do these Funds Go?

50% of those Scrip earnings go to YOUR FAMILY ACCOUNT! That’s right—half of the money goes to you! It can be used for things such as:

  1. Athletic fees
  2. Theatre fees
  3. Educational trips that Spectrum sponsors
  4. Spectrum summer camps
  5. Donate the funds back to Spectrum
  6. And more, like the choir trip, prom, and the Senior All-Night Party!

The SPECTRUM half of the funds will go to one of two areas: 

  1. Athletic Operating budget: Athletic Families will have their other half of earnings allocated to the operating budget for the Athletic Department
  2. Service Learning: Non-Athletic Families will have the choice to allocate to athletics as well, or to the Service Learning budget

 Scrip Cards Sold from Inventory

 A limited variety of Scrip cards will be sold directly at the school during designated times. Currently, you can purchase Scrip most Fridays between 2.45-3.45pm, and can pick up your pre-ordered cards at the same time! You can also purchase in-stock cards during most home games (especially indoor games) and at special events like conferences, plays, fine arts nights, etc. Watch for announcements and Facebook for dates and times.


 - Please complete this Scrip Program Agreement in order to set-up your Family Account allocations: Spectrum Scrip Program Agreement
Spectrum Script Program Agreements - For Teachers, Coaches, Staff

 - Please complete this Student/Other Person Pick-Up waiver if you'd like your student to pick you your orders: Scrip - Student Pick-up Waiver

 - Ordersare due by NOON on Monday and can be picked up on Thursdays or any dayafter in the school office during business hours, most weeks. WatchFacebook for any ordering change.

 - We do need to wait to receive checks before an order can be released. PLEASE consider using Presto Pay (see next item)

 - PrestoPay comes directly from your checking account and after a one-time set-up (which takes a couple of days to authorize), is an immediate and continuous option each time you order! It also allows you to take advantage of ScripNow and on your smartphone.

ScripNow! is Scrip's eCard option that approximately 250 vendors offer. You can place an order, pay with Presto Pay, and then print the certificate off right from home almost immediately to use that same day. works like an app on your smartphone which allows you to buy and pay for Scrip right from your phone!

More Information and Signing Up

Want to sign-up now? Go for it! Go to  Email Amy White at for Spectrum's enrollment code. It’s easy to get started.

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